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October 31, 2013

Visual Studio 2013: XAML Code Editing

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If you have done any coding with XAML, like me you have probably wished for some of the code editing features that all of the other languages have. Features like Intellisense and Go To Definition. With Visual Studio 2013 our wish has come true!

These new XAML code editing features are so exciting its hard to know where to start. How about with a list of the some of the key enhancements?

  • Intellisense for Resources
    • Displays the list of resources appropriate for the element type.
  • Intellisense for Binding Expressions
  • Go To Definition for Resources
    • Let’s you quickly navigate to the definition of the resource.
  • Go To Definition for Binding Expressions
    • Takes you to the code for the property identified in the binding expression.
  • Start/End Tag Refactoring
    • Changing a start tag will now automatically change the end tag and vice versa.
  • Better Commenting Support
    • XAML now supposes nesting of comments.
  • Code Snippets
    • Provide blocks of code you can insert into your XAML.

These improvements are for all XAML-based types of applications including Silverlight, WPF, Windows Store or Windows Phone apps.


For more information on the many new Visual Studio 2013 features, check out my new Pluralsight course: Mastering Visual Studio 2013.

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