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November 1, 2013

XAML: Intellisense for Bindings

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Visual Studio 2013 provides Intellisense for your Binding expressions!

One of the great things about XAML is its binding capabilities. But how much time have you wasted trying to find the correct name and spelling of properties for your bindings?

Not any more!

The Binding mark-up extension now supports Intellisense!

  • Move the cursor into the Binding markup extension anywhere after the Binding keyword.
  • Press Ctrl + Space



  • Arrow down to the desired property.
  • Press Enter or Tab to select it.

Notice that the drop down list contains all of the attributes for the binding (such as FallbackValue and Mode)  in addition to the properties of the current data context. That makes the list rather long.


Luckily the properties of the current data context are identified in the list with a different icon. So you can readily see which of the Intellisense list items are your bindable properties and which are attributes of the binding markup extension.


For more information on the many new Visual Studio 2013 features, check out my new Pluralsight course: Mastering Visual Studio 2013.

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