F-Secure Targets Attacks on Linux

As popularity of Linux grows, company predicts increasing attempts to create malicious programs that will attack it.

Bliss, Lindose, Ramen, Slapper, Staog, Typot: If these viruses and worms don’t sound familiar to you, it’s probably for two reasons. One, they aren’t widespread. Second, they only affect Linux machines.

Today, security experts estimate there are anywhere from 50 to a few hundred Linux viruses and worms in existence. Despite the low numbers, it’s still important to safeguard Linux machines against not only getting Linux viruses, but acting as a carrier for Windows viruses and worms.

To help, F-Secure announced its F-Secure Anti-Virus for Samba Servers, which will automatically detect, clean, and remove viruses—both Linux and Windows—from Samba file servers. F-Secure already offers similar software for Linux workstations, servers, and gateways.

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