Leading Market Research Firm Emphasizes ‘Growing Need’ for Proactive Security Products and Services

Signature-Based Anti-Virus Solutions Must Be Complimented With Behavior-Based Solutions to Adequately Protect Against New Virus and Worm Outbreaks

Finjan Software, the leading provider of proactive content security and management solutions for global companies, today announced that a recently published IDC report affirms the need for organizations to implement proactive security solutions to compliment traditional signature-based anti-virus software to adequately defend against new virus, worm and malicious code attacks.

According to the report, author Brian Burke, research manager for security products at IDC states, “The speed with which new worms and malicious code are spreading has caused the effectiveness of traditional signature-based
antivirus solutions to suffer.  The recent onslaught of viruses and worms such as Blaster, Nachi, and SoBig not only highlights the importance of keeping security solutions up to date, it also shines a spotlight on the growing need for more proactive security products and services.”


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