Free Presentation software available for Linux

German developers have released open source presentation software for Linux. Called IndeView, the free software promises to eliminate platform-dependent presentations and allows users to move presentations across multiple operating systems. IndeView renders OpenOffice or KOffice presentations without requiring OpenOffice’s Impress or KOffice’s KPresenter to be installed on the target computer. DesktopLinux (with illustrations)

Human Nature vs. Security

Six months ago, zip files were the most reliable way to get MS-Word documents, batch files, and other potentially harmful file types through filtering gateways. Zip files are now regarded as rats carrying the plague. SecurityFocus

JiWire unveils top 10 ways to avoid Wi-Fi Hijacking

JiWire, the source for wireless broadband information, today released the top ten ways to avoid being hijacked when connecting to the Internet wirelessly. With the number of hotspot users expected to grow to 30 million worldwide by the end of 2004 (Gartner Group), and the number of hotspots topping 35,000 (JiWire), now more than ever, hijackers have the opportunity to crack wireless networks and steal data. TMC

Oxford improves Court email security & legal information access

Oxford Crown Court today took a leap into the 21st century following the installation of new IT infrastructure in five courtrooms, four district judges’ hearing rooms and offices through the building to support IT projects for the next 15 years. The technology will ensure that court staff and the judiciary have rapid access to secure e-mail services and legal information from the Internet. Public Technology

Security managers argue about saying no

AUSTRALIAN security managers disagree on whether it is their job to say no to potentially risky security projects. At an IDC SecurityVision 2004 seminar, chief security officers debated their roles in managing risk. Allens Arthur Robinson Brisbane IS support manager Robert Thomson says being a security manager is about “having spine and saying no”. This means erring on the side of managing risk sensibly. “This is why wireless connectivity has not happened within my organisation, as we are not sure of the risks,” he says. Australian IT

New wave of Web ads on the way

Internet marketers are promising a new generation of online advertising “lite” that’s more effective and less annoying than some current methods, but they could have a hard time convincing jaded Web surfers they’re for real. Highlighting the trend, 180solutions this week will begin promoting a downloadable program that purports to offer a gentler twist on “adware,” providing users access to free music downloads and other content in exchange for the right to flash a limited number of ads onto their computer screens. Complaints and challengesBut 180solutions is entering a thorny market. Some adware programs have been criticized for lax disclosure … Continue reading New wave of Web ads on the way

AOL: New Mozilla-based Netscape 7.x coming shocker

It’s rarely that a company statement raises eyebrows. But this one will do: America Online confirmed to the Inquirer that it is working on an updated release of the Netscape browser to replace the aging version 7.1 -which was released in mid-2003. They also promise that this Netscape update will use the latest Mozilla engine as its core. The Inquirer

Computer viruses could have your number

Internet security experts warned on Monday that the creators of some of the latest computer viruses are using computers infected by the bugs to run online scams to get credit card information from unsuspecting buyers. Fake online shops are running on infected home computers which are controlled by hackers or criminals, said Mikko Hyppoenen, head of anti-virus research at Finland’s F-Secure. “There is an investigation going on and we are trying to find out which viruses they are using. It could be any of the latest viruses, such as Bagle and Mydoom.” Many of the recent bugs open a so-called … Continue reading Computer viruses could have your number

Net piracy faces new wave of lawsuits

The music industry yesterday launched the first wave of international lawsuits against web pirates as it warned that global record sales fell an estimated 7% last year. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry said legal actions had been brought against habitual users of illegal internet services in Italy, Germany, Denmark and Canada. Jay Berman, the chairman of the global music industry body, said similar lawsuits were “likely” in the UK if consumers failed to respond to repeated warnings from the British Phonographic Industry body. The latest round of lawsuits follows similar action against more than 2,000 consumers in the United … Continue reading Net piracy faces new wave of lawsuits

Buffalo announced AirStation One-Touch Secure System

Buffalo Technology is the leader of the pack for sales of SOHO/SMB wireless products in Asia, and they don’t do bad in the United States either, according to Synergy Research Group , which tracks sales of Wi-Fi products world wide. While its products aren’t known for polish, particularly in the software interface, Buffalo is trying to overcome what becomes a stumbling block for many casual users: security. Late last year, the company announced a technology it calls the AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS). It lets a router automatically serve up all the security settings to other products it connects with. … Continue reading Buffalo announced AirStation One-Touch Secure System