IETF Releases Anti-Spam Sender ID Internet Draft Specification

The IETF has released a revised version of the Internet Draft MTA Authentication Records in DNS from the MARID Working Group, now called the ‘Sender ID’ specification.

Jointly authored by Jim Lyon (Microsoft) and Meng Weng Wong (, the Sender ID draft represents a merger of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) specification and Microsoft’s Caller ID for E-mail proposal. The authors “hope to simplify industry adoption of effective e-mail authentication technology, thereby helping more swiftly provide greater spam protection to e-mail users worldwide.”

Meng Weng Wong has authored a separate informational I-D Behind The Curtain: An Apology for Sender ID. It explains that “Sender ID follows from a set of design decisions; those decisions were motivated by philosophical, engineering, and political considerations. The document reviews some of the important choice that distinguish Sender ID from alternative possibilities in the same space.”

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