Spyware-killers get going online

As Congress takes a more serious look at legislation to restrain spyware, a growing number of online companies are lining up to give consumers their own anti-spyware tools.

The latest is security software company PestPatrol, which on Monday launched a new anti-spyware resource center, drawing together how-to articles, a large searchable database of spyware, adware and related “pests,” and other information on the issue.

The site focuses more heavily on spyware information than do similar sites at antivirus companies such as Symantec. But like those rivals, it aims to show the breadth of its creators’ familiarity with the ever-evolving world of digital annoyances and, ultimately, persuade people to buy its software.

“An anti-spyware solution is only as good as the threat database behind it,” David Stang, PestPatrol’s co-founder, said in a statement.


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