Microsoft puts multisearch tool on show

Microsoft revealed the progress it has made in building search technology on Thursday when it demonstrated a tool that can comb both the Internet and a PC’s hard drive. MSN Chief Yusuf Mehdi showed a prototype of the search software to an audience at its annual Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting here. The technology is designed to quickly look through a hard drive, finding all the matches for a word from within documents, e-mails and even e-mail attachments. The version Mehdi presented also returned Web results on the right side of the page.

Firm offers new tools for database security

Security software developer Guardium is expected to formally announce Monday a new suite of integrated security applications for databases, a market that’s gaining traction in the current regulatory environment. Guardium, which last month received a $5 million second round of venture funding, has developed the SQL Guard Security Suite. The collection of applications is designed to automate database access and auditing and regulatory compliance. Compliance has become an increasing concern among companies since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. “Database security is an overlooked space. It’s needed, but it’s not where a lot of money is spent,” IDC security analyst … Continue reading Firm offers new tools for database security

Email Privacy is Lost

Scott Granneman wrote:  “As if the common use of “web bugs” inside spam was not enough, companies are using new techniques to watch and track the private emails you read, forward, print, and more.”

IBM Research Joins Fight Against Spam

IBM Corp.’s research arm on Friday will debut a new spam filtering test platform called SpamGuru at the first Conference on E-Mail and Spam in Mountain View, Calif. The new offering will make its way to the enterprise with the release of IBM’s Lotus Workplace Messaging 2.0 product later this quarter. SpamGuru, which is designed to work with other anti-spam products already on the market, is a server-based product that combines a number of spam-blocking techniques that analyze messages by both sender and content, according to IBM officials. Many of the techniques, including challenge verification, DNS analysis, whitelisting and blacklisting, … Continue reading IBM Research Joins Fight Against Spam

Microsoft: ‘No Silver Bullet’ for Security Problems

While Microsoft remains committed to security and will raise the protection bar with its release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) next month, there is no single silver bullet to the problem, Will Poole, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Windows client division, said at the annual analyst day here Thursday. Security issues have been at the forefront of Microsoft Corp.’s business over the past year as this has come to a head, Poole said, adding that Microsoft is committed to building trust through innovation and is doing everything it can to improve the quality of the software and the … Continue reading Microsoft: ‘No Silver Bullet’ for Security Problems

Apple accuses RealNetworks of hacking

Software that lets iPod owners listen to songs in RealNetworks’ music format will not work with future iPods, Apple has said, in a stinging attack on the media firm  Apple Computer on Thursday issued a scathing response to RealNetworks’ move to unlock Apple’s proprietary technology and make it possible for people to listen to music in RealNetworks’ digital file format on iPod devices.    In a terse statement, a “stunned” Apple accused RealNetworks of adopting “the tactics and ethics of a hacker” with the release of its Harmony software, which allows songs sold via its online store to be played … Continue reading Apple accuses RealNetworks of hacking

In China, Yahoo goes to a gigabyte

Yahoo has increased the storage limit of its free e-mail service tenfold in China, but users elsewhere may not get to enjoy the same benefit anytime soon. In a statement on its mainland Web site, the company said it has boosted the storage capacity for its free mail service from 100MB to 1GB, matching the storage of rival Google’s upcoming Gmail offering. While Gmail’s trials are confined to a select group, Yahoo’s upgrade will be extended to all existing and new users of its mail service in China. However, subscribers must first log on to Yahoo’s instant messenger service and … Continue reading In China, Yahoo goes to a gigabyte

Better tools let hackers strike more quickly

It’s mostly bad news for network administrators at this year’s Black Hat Security Briefings: Increasingly, attackers are using better tools to find vulnerabilities quickly, exploit flaws and hide their attacks. While some security experts point to zero-day exploits–code that takes advantage of previously unknown vulnerabilities–as a growing threat, a greater number are stressing the danger of online attackers’ ability to quickly turn around attack code by analyzing the patch issued to fix the problem. “Within a day, you can take a patch, find a problem, and produce an exploit,” said Jeff Moss, the founder of the Black Hat Security Briefings, … Continue reading Better tools let hackers strike more quickly

One virus writer ‘responsible for 70 percent of infections’

Netsky and Sasser author Sven Jaschan, who was arrested in Germany earlier this year, is responsible for 70 percent of all virus infections so far this year, according to Sophos Sven Jaschan, self-confessed author of the Netsky and Sasser viruses, is responsible for 70 percent of virus infections in 2004, according to a six-month malware round-up published by antivirus firm Sophos on Wednesday. Jaschan was taken into custody in May by the police in Lower Saxony, who said that he had admitted programming both the Netsky and Sasser worms, something that experts at Microsoft confirmed. During the five months preceding … Continue reading One virus writer ‘responsible for 70 percent of infections’

Details of Microsoft antivirus software leak out

An executive of Microsoft in France divulged on Wednesday some of the software maker’s plans for its highly anticipated entry into the antivirus software market. A standalone antivirus product will be built from tools the company inherited through its 2003 acquisitions of GeCad and Pelican Software, according to a report published in CNET’s sister publication, ZDNet France, citing the technical head of Microsoft’s security project in that country, Nicolas Mirail. Microsoft representatives in the United States refused to comment on functional elements or a potential production time frame for the antivirus package. However, Mirail said the Microsoft antivirus software … Continue reading Details of Microsoft antivirus software leak out