Calendar of Updates (CoU) moved

One is enough, two is too much….

[Rant on]

My homepage and Calendar of Updates (CoU) – where users tracks and posts software updates was down again.  Kernel issue as per local host.  It was down more than 30 hours.  We lost 3 days of database.

After a week, it’s down again.  Server crashed and HD failure as per local host.  No idea yet how much database we lost. 

I and the CoU team can’t stand it.  You know what others usually say “one is enough…two is too much.. “ So we decided to make a move.

Calendar of Updates moved to another hosting service – to ipowerweb which hopefully will meet our requirements (a hosting service that will really keep the site up, 24×7 monitoring, create a daily backup and at least will notify me before doing any upgrade so the CoU team will be able to notify its members).  Domain name ( has been pointed to ipowerwebs’ nameservers.  Now waiting for the transfer of nameservers to take effect.

To – Internet Security & Others and Calendar of Updates (CoU) visitors and registered members:  I and the team would like to apologize if the site is not accessible for now.  Please check back.

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