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Heya all, I’m back online =) Arrived yesterday (6:30PM).  First, I will check for OS and security program updates (if any) to take advantage of all offered protection and program enhancements.  Next, will check my mail box then will proceed in reading newsgroup/forum postings (public & private newsgroups/forums).  Tomorrow, I will start feeding here again on whatever PC and security news flash that I may find interesting and important to mention.

The 2 weeks vacation was great.. really great! My tummy was really full. I ate a lot of good Thai and Malaysian food (yup, I had Malaysian food because we went to Penang, Malaysia for few days to visit my in-laws).  Body and mind was so relaxed especially after the thai massage.  I have nothing in mind but to relax last week.  I didn’t even read any news on/off line.  I just love that vacation – pampered myself.  Doing it only 2 times a year that is why I want to make the most each time I will take a time-out.

BTW, our experience with AirAsia was good.  Aircraft took-off/landed as scheduled.  It’s packed! Everyone seems excited with the new cheapest flight from Macau to Bangkok.  Will definitely use their service again.  We stayed in Asia Airport Hotel (Bangkok).  Love the hotel staffs’ hospitality and quick assistance on anything we asked. 

That’s all for now friends!..I hope all of you are well =)

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