Trojan horse exploits image flaw

Internet watchers say they’ve spotted infected images that could implant a back door into a Windows computer if they are viewed. EasyNews, a provider of Usenet newsgroups, said it has identified two JPEG images that take advantage of a previously identified flaw in the way Microsoft software handles graphics files. Windows users could have their computers infected merely by opening one of those Trojan horse images. The report of the widely expected exploit comes less than a week after sample code appeared that demonstrated how to take advantage of Microsoft’s programming error. Some security researchers worry that the ubiquity of … Continue reading Trojan horse exploits image flaw

Latest Release of ForeScout Anti-Worm Solution Provides Greater Protection Against Network Worms

ForeScout Technologies, Inc., the leading enterprise worm containment and prevention company, announced today that its latest version of WormScout, version 4.0, is now shipping. WormScout, which contains and suppresses fast-spreading, self-propagating network worms, is now also effective against e-mail worms. All of the worm-suppression activities are automated: from accurately identifying the infection attempts, to complete isolation, and then finally, the clean-up process. WormScout performs with such accuracy that 100 percent of ForeScout’s customers turn on automatic blocking.

Russia gets budget version of Windows

Microsoft will release a low-price version of Windows in Russia by the end of the year, an effort to wean consumers in that country off pirated software and Linux. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant will also announce later in the week that it will bring a version of Windows XP Starter Edition, a relatively inexpensive and slimmed down version of Windows, to a fourth, as-yet-unidentified, Asian country, bringing the total number of countries in the program to five.

McAfee updates target ‘phishing’

McAfee has released updates to its spam prevention service and personal firewall software to help home users combat a growing form of online fraud known as “phishing.” The new version of SpamKiller, released Tuesday, uses a multilayered filtering engine to help keep in-boxes free of unsolicited, fraudulent and malicious e-mails including phishing scams, the company said. The filter is based on Bayesian technology, which learns from past examples to determine what kind of e-mails should be blocked. The filter also can detect codes hidden inside e-mail images used to evade antispam engines.

E-mail firm baits hackers with security challenge

British e-mail firm Avecho has offered a £10,000 ($18,056) award to anyone who can deliver a virus past its GlassWall filtering product. To participate contestants must sign up for an Avecho e-mail account and then either deliver a virus to or from the e-mail address. While Avecho is the only party able to see traffic on its network, vice president of international marketing Mark Elliot says the company would like to hire a third party to judge the contest, but no one has come forward to accept the role. Avecho has refused to release details about how its GlassWare works, … Continue reading E-mail firm baits hackers with security challenge

GFI releases freeware version of GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (P.S.C.)

Administrators can now control removable media devices on five network machines for free London, UK, 28 September 2004 – GFI is launching a freeware version of GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (P.S.C.), its new network security product that can prevent unauthorized users from taking information from the network or introducing malware via USB (Universal Serial Bus) sticks and other removable media (such as floppies and CDs). The product also allows administrators to control the connection of devices that can register storage in Windows, such as iPods, smartphones, digital cameras and handhelds. GFI is offering a full version of GFI LANguard … Continue reading GFI releases freeware version of GFI LANguard Portable Storage Control (P.S.C.)

YPOPs! POP3 and SMTP Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Nima Majidi has discovered some vulnerabilities in YPOPs!, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system. The vulnerabilities are caused due to boundary errors within the POP3 and SMTP services. These can be exploited to cause buffer overflows via overly long requests. Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code. The vulnerabilities have been confirmed in version 0.6. Versions 0.4 through 0.6 are reportedly affected. NOTE: By default, the SMTP service is not enabled and the POP3 service only listens on the loopback interface ( Solution:Disable the SMTP service and bind only the POP3 service to the … Continue reading YPOPs! POP3 and SMTP Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

New EarthLink Mac software fights phishing scams

Internet Service Provider (ISP) EarthLink on Monday launched TotalAccess 2005 for Macintosh a new version of the access software EarthLink offers its subscribers. It works with EarthLink’s broadband and dialup services and is available for download now. New features of TotalAccess 2005 for Macintosh includes ScanBlocker, which blocks users from visiting known or suspected Web sites involved in “phishing,” a scam where consumers are tricked into giving personal information on a Web page that looks like a trusted source, such as a financial institution or a company with which they already have an account.

Executive Software and Shavlik Technologies Announce Licensing Agreement to Provide Security Patch Management

Executive Software ( ), the industry leader in the development of systems management tools to enhance the speed and performance of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) systems, and Shavlik Technologies, LLC( ), a leading security products and services provider, have announced the signing of an OEM agreement to provide security patch management to customers. As part of the agreement, Executive Software will integrate Shavlik’s security patch management solution to create Patchkeeper, a patch management module being added to the Sitekeeper systems management product family,allowing companies to assess patch compliance status on devices running Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows NT(R), Windows … Continue reading Executive Software and Shavlik Technologies Announce Licensing Agreement to Provide Security Patch Management

Microsoft to charge for Hotmail-Outlook link

Microsoft Corp. on Monday will start charging for a Hotmail feature that allows users of the Web-based e-mail service to access their e-mail using the Outlook e-mail client. Microsoft is making the move not to increase the number of paying Hotmail users but because the feature is being abused by senders of spam, said Brooke Richardson, lead product manager for MSN at Microsoft.