What they know about you?

You have an antivirus and firewall programs.  You are confident that your browser and system settings are configured properly.  Are you sure they don’t know anything private about you? Really? Let’s see…

Do you know that the following LONG list of information can be revealed by your browser?

  • Basic Information – Browser and version name, Operating System, Security Policy.
  • Accept Information – What kind of documents, encodings, languages, charsets, etc does your browser support?
  • Acrobat Information – Is Adobe Acrobat installed and what version is supported
  • ActiveX Information – Is ActiveX / GeckoActiveX enabled or disabled
  • AFC Information – What version of Application Foundation Classes (AFC) is installed?
  • Bandwidth Information – How fast is your Internet connection
  • C Drive Information – Can your C Drive be shown?
  • CD ROM Information – Number of CD ROM Drives and drive letter
  • Certificate Information – What certificates do you have installed?
  • Misc Certificate Information – Do you have the Root Verisign certificate installed?
  • CSP Information – What Cryptographic Service Providers are installed?
  • ClearType Information – Is ClearType installed?
  • Colors – Does your browser support system defined colors?
  • Component Information – Which components are installed?
  • Cookie Information – Does your browser support cookies?
  • CSS Information – Does your browser reveal what sites you have been visiting?
  • Cursors – Does your browser support system defined cursors?
  • Date and Time Information – Your local time and date format
  • Dell Information – Is Dell System Profiler installer
  • DirectX Information – What version of DirectX are you running?
  • Document Information – Info on the current document
  • Flash Information – Is Macromedia Flash installed and what versions is supported
  • Font Information – What fonts are installed
  • Font Information Detailed – Font face information
  • Font Information via Java – What fonts are supported
  • Font Information via Java Detailed – Font face information
  • Block Format Tags Information – What Block Format Tags are available
  • Gecko Information – Product name and version of Mozilla
  • Google Toolbar Information – Is Google Toolbar installed and if so what version
  • Headers Information  – What headers do your client send
  • HTTP Information  – Which protocol and version is your browser using
  • Image Information  – What image formats does your browser support
  • IP Information  – IP address, host name
  • IP Info via Java – IP address, hostname via Java. Even works for PC’s behind firewalls!
  • Java Information  – Java information using Java
  • JavaScript Information – JavaScript version and support
  • JVM Information  – Java Virtual Machine version
  • Java Web Start Information – Is Java Web Start installed
  • Language Information – System, browser, user language
  • Mail Information – Is your mail client open for spammers, spoofs, etc
  • Email Address Verification – Verify the existance of an email address
  • Mathematical Information  – E, PI, random number
  • MathML Information – Does your browser support MathML
  • MIME Type Information – What MIME (Multipart Internet Mail Extension) types are supported by the client
  • Network Information – Stuff that your browser might send to optimize the connection
  • Object Information – Layers, images, forms, links, frames, anchors, etc support
  • Opera Browser – Are you using the Opera browser and is so what version
  • Parasites, spyware, adware check – Check your pc for unsolicited commercial software
  • Password support – HTTP Basic Authentication  Support for HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Plug-in Information – What plug-ins are installed?
  • Plug-in Information Detailed – Get even more information on our plug-ins
  • Plugs Information – What other plug-ins or helper components are installed?  
  • Profile Information – Your profile Information
  • Proxy Information – Do you use a proxy?  
  • Personal Security Manager Information – Info about the Personal Security Manager
  • QuickTime Player Information – Is QuickTime Player installed and what version
  • RealPlayer Information – Is RealPlayer installed and what version is supported
  • Resolution Information – Determine your browser’s logical resolution (most likely determined by your OS) and your display’s physical resolution.
  • Screen Information – Screen size, width, etc
  • Search Assistant Information – What version of Search Assistant is installed?
  • Security Information – What encryption strength does my browser have?
  • Show Objects – Show JavaScript objects with all properties and values
  • SOAP Information – Is SOAP supported by your browser?  
  • Sound Card Information – Do you have a sound card installed? 
  • StyleSheets Information – Support, number, etc
  • Trace Route Information – The way to your machine
  • Ultimate Object Sniffer Information – Copy of the The Ultimate JavaScript Client Sniffer from Netscape
  • File Upload Information – Does your browser support file uploads?
  • VBScript Information – VBScript version and support
  • WAP Device Information – What WAP device are you using and what are it’s capabilities?  
  • Whois Information – Who owns your network?  
  • Window Information – Window size, width, etc
  • Windows Media Player Information – Is Microsoft Windows Media Player installed and what version
  • Webservice (WSDL) Information – Does your browser support WSDL?   
  • Web Server Information – What web server is running at your machine and at my machine?  
  • XML Information – Does your browser support XML requests?

Are you ready for the test? If yes, that’s good.  Visit gemal.dk BrowserSpy (Privacy to the ultimate test) to find out if your browser can reveal any of the above.

Why you should worry about privacy?

  • You do not want anyone but you to control that system.
  • You do not want anyone but you to delete or add or edit anything in your disk without your consent
  • You do not want your system to become victim of hackers
  • You do not want them to identify you without asking permission
  • You do not want anyone to follow what you just did in that computer or where you’ve been

All of the above can be done by anyone without your consent or knowledge not only locally but remotely.  That is true if you will not learn how to maintain your privacy.

See the following articles on how to maintain your privacy?

More Privacy tips from Microsoft.

After configuring your browser to help you in maintaining your privacy, make sure that you have complete security tools.  Antivirus and firewall programs is not only your best defense. 

Do you want more security and privacy test? See Online Security and PrivacyTools


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