New Gordano Release Upgrades Spam, Anti-Virus Features

More efficient Bayesian system, sophisticated word filtering highlight new version.

British-based Gordano has announced a revised edition of its Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) that includes new features focused on the fight against spam and virus attacks. “Our new facilities strengthen the enterprise arsenal of weapons to fight off these attacks,” said sales director Lisa Kirman.

The new features include Scored Restricted Words, a feature which allows administrators to define a set of words or phrases with a score assigned to each indicating its potential for being contained in spam messages. Gordano provides a default set of words from its Anti Spam Update Service (ASUS), and users can augment it with their own.

A more efficient Bayesian filtering system enables a single filtering program to categorize spam for the whole system. This reduces the overhead entailed in the learning process of multiple filters. Gordano’s system now operates silently, preventing spammers from being alerted to any new mechanisms that have been enabled.

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