I do not use the email scanner. My ISP scans my mail anyway.

The above title is what a user posted in CastleCops AVG forum where I’m helping as an AVG, Symantec forum host and a Browser Hijacker 1st responder.

I couldn’t resist but to host her too <g>

I replied to the poster:  “May I ask why you don’t use the e-mail scanner of AVG? Are you using another e-mail scanner or you are 100% depending to your ISP email scanner?

I asked the above because I would like to give some advise (if it’s OK 😉 ).

Even though your ISP is scanning your incoming/outgoing messages, you should allow your up-to-date antivirus program to scan your emails by default. It is recommended because while we are retrieving or sending e-mails, a connection time-out usually happens especially if the email has an attachment. If there is a connection time-out, some malicious codes (example: worms) around the net can infect the network. If a network where you are connected has been injected with a malicious code then your message might be infected. What if the message has been scanned already by your ISP (clean) but a new worm attack happened on the net, infecting the network while you are in the process of sending or retrieving the message? There is low chance for that to happen but why take the risk if you can help protect your system or your email. Your pathed system, antivirus and a firewall should help to protect your system but if one good protection has been disabled then you are not getting the most of it (protection). It is already there for free.. why not take advantage to help protect anytime.

I understand that real-time protection should be able to protect you (Resident shield) but that is different from e-mail scanning. Most Antivirus vendor including Grisoft recommends enabling the email scanner.”

I know I can list all reasons or show her links on why every user MUST NOT only install an antivirus but enable ALL the protection that the antivirus can give but I planned to write more to her if the above will not convince her.  Good thing she is convinced. 

She replied: “Thank you for your advice. It is appreciated. I must admit I did not know about the time out situation. The ISP is broadband but it does have problems at times and times out, so I will enable the scanner.”

To users who is reading this and believes that your ISP e-mail scanner is enough, you’re wrong.  It is not enough.  Do not depend YOUR safety from OTHERS hands. 


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