Shavlik HFNetChkPro Extended to Include Industry’s First Integrated Anti-Spyware and Patch Management Product for the Enterprise

Shavlik Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of software security solutions, today announced Shavlik NetChk Spyware, its new anti-spyware product.  Unlike most anti-spyware solutions currently on the market, Shavlik NetChk Spyware is designed specifically for the enterprise and is not simply an enhanced version of a home user product.  It is also fully integrated with Shavlik’s widely-used patch management product, Shavlik HFNetChkPro.

Spyware has become an increasingly challenging problem for corporations around the world and can adversely impact productivity, decrease bandwidth and compromise network security by allowing computer hackers a foothold to systems.  Generally, spyware is defined as any type of software that is remotely and oftentimes unknowingly installed on a computer with the purpose of gathering stored information and sharing it with third parties.   The spyware issue gained additional exposure with the recent announcement from Microsoft Corporation that the software manufacturer had entered this space through the acquisition of Giant Company Software, Inc., a company which produces a consumer anti-spyware product. or

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