Spam and Email Viruses Decline Slightly

Postini announced that the number of directory harvest attacks (DHAs) by spammers against corporate email dropped in March for the first time in seven months. In March, Postini protected its customers from more than 26 million DHAs, or an average of 843,157 per day.  This is an eight percent decrease compared to February’s average of 919,963 per day.

DHAs are brute force attempts by spammers to find valid email addresses where the spammer connects to a business’ email server and guesses addresses, building a database of legitimate email addresses. Those addresses are then harvested for use in later spam campaigns.

The amount of spam and virus-ridden emails decreased slightly in March despite a spike in Bagle worm traffic early in the month. Postini processed 14.6 billon messages this month and 87 percent of them were spam, including phishing, viruses, and other email threats. Only 13 percent of all messages were legitimate email. Last February 88 percent of all email was malicious.

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