Worm poses as pirated ‘Grand Theft Auto’

A worm that targets gamers is making the rounds, tapping into popular titles and peer-to-peer file sharing, a security company has warned.

The worm, Hagbard.A, tries to disguise itself on peer-to-peer networks as pirated downloads of the popular games titles “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” “Need for Speed Underground 2” and 400 other programs, Sophos said in an advisory released on Friday.


W32/Hagbard-A copies itself to a number of locations on the hard drive, including shared folders for various peer-to-peer applications. The worm also installs a web server, allowing a remote user access to files on the infected system. The installed file is also detected as W32/Hagbard-A.

W32/Hagbard-A may send messages to other users of Windows Messenger, containing a link and the following text:

please download this…its only small brb

The link points to a copy of the worm stored on the infected system.

The worm may change the Start Page in Internet Explorer.


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