Web 2.0 Cracks Start to Show

The problems that beleaguer the old internet are appearing again in newer technologies known collectively as Web 2.0, a term coined by O’Reilly Media Vice President Dale Dougherty to describe post-dot-com sites and services that use the web as a platform – such as Flickr, BitTorrent, tagging and RSS syndication. Proponents say Web 2.0 has been better engineered to withstand the troubles that wrecked Usenet, BBSes and free e-mail, but misuses abound, such as splogging and manipulation of Google rankings. Some decry the open media movement, saying it is driving out traditional, quality-controlled media. Wikipedia has been singled out for criticism because its content is uneven, but founder Jimmy Wales says they are working on a reviewing scheme that should address quality and reliability. Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield says the key is to make a system easier to fix than it is to deface.


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