Websense Security Labs Launches Global Phishing, Crimeware Threat Map and Security Blog

Websense, Inc. announced an interactive Global Phishing and Crimeware Threat Map from Websense Security Labs.  The Phishing and Crimeware map displays the most recent data collected by Websense Security Labs and provides a historical look into where phishing and crimeware related websites are hosted on the internet.  Upon discovery, each site is looked up via its IP address to track the country of origin through the appropriate IP registrars and plotted on the map.

The Global Phishing and Crimeware Threat Map enables visitors to view the location of phishing and crimeware sites on an interactive map of the world.  The data is updated by Websense Security Labs approximately 15 minutes after discovery.  Visitors may search threats around the globe by geographic region, date and threat types.

In addition to highlighting trends and security events, Websense Security Labs has also begun publishing a security blog available to visitors. 



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