Perspective: Time to send a consistent message on security

Commentary by Jon Oltsik. According to security professionals, the top source of worm attacks were employee laptops at 43%, contractor laptops at 34%, and home computers connected over a virtual private network (VPN) at 27%.

The market offers many solutions to such problems, such as network access control, end-point security, and network integrity, but this has only confused the marketplace.   However, the Trusted Computing Group could offer a unified means for identifying devices, checking their integrity, and controlling access.   Seeing no other technology with the same potential as trusted computing, Oltsik advises professionals to fit trusted computing into its network processes, make trusted computing the foundation of long term plans, and push vendors to adopt such technology.   While end-point device vendors like Microsoft have joined the Trusted Computing Group, networking giant Cisco refuses to work with the group.

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