StartGuard Software released StartGuard 2.0 (antispyware)

Found the above-mentioned topic title at that says:

“This month StartGuard Software,, announces the release of StartGuard 2.0, a freeware tool designed to halt spyware before it has a chance load itself onto a user’s PC. StartGuard uses an entirely different method of detecting spyware from most anti-spyware tools. Instead of cross-checking every installed program with a database of spyware definitions, StartGuard scans every possible entry point spyware uses to infect a system an alerts the user when possible threats are found. The user may then approve, deny, or remove the program. One might think of StartGuard as a “program firewall”.”

Website of the software publisher is at

Hhhmm new antispyware program again. Let’s see if there’s any feedback on this. It’s not listed in Eric L. Howes, Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites at the time of this posting.

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