Wi-Fi Security Checklist

This document is intended for users of existing heterogeneous 802.11b networks. It is intended to be a concise list of steps you can take to limit the security risk of operating an 802.11b network. This checklist is not all-inclusive, and as always, some features listed here may not be practical (or even possible) with your network hardware. You mileage may vary, but this list is a good start for those home and corporate users interested in getting a good start towards securing their wireless network.

– Check with your vendor about security upgrades.
– Change your SSID / Turn off SSID Beacon PDUs
– Turn on MAC Address Access Control Lists
– Activate WEP
– Don’t use DHCP or use DHCP only with authorized MAC addresses
– Use a Static ARP table
– Put your Wireless Access Point outside your firewall
– Distribute personal firewall software to your wireless clients


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