ISP’s submarine cable is finally repaired!; Windows Genuine Advantage Tool updated

My desktops and notebooks are not up-to-date.  This blog is also not being filled with any entries.  I’m blaming no one other than the damaged submarine cable at the local ISP.  It $uck$ to not to be able to reach destinations that I want to reach. 

Today, the connection is fast again.  Hope it stays.  I missed posting .. a lot.  I missed my online friends and co-team members in community forums.

Hey, I visited Microsoft Update website just now to hopefully get this computers up-to-date and I was greeted with Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool update (with screenshots there for Windows and for Firefox browsers).  If you don’t have it yet, get it 🙂

BTW, I see my blog theme is different.  It seems the admins did some upgrade/update here (Thanks guys!).  I’ll go and have a look-see on settings soon.

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