Webcast: Trojan Horses: The Enemy’s Open Invitation

Dive into the secrets of the fastest growing threat to your network: Trojan horses. Whether it is downloader’s, droppers, backdoors, keyloggers or rootkits, thousands of new Trojan horses are discovered every week.

This webcast covers:

·  Growth areas of Trojan Horses
·  Attack vectors
·  Infection techniques
·  Examples of Trojan Horses “in-the-wild” and Toolkits
·  How to defend against these threats
Speaker:  Dan Hubbard, Senior Director, Security and Technology Research Websense, Inc.
Premieres:  14 Jun 2006, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT) 11:00AM PT
Format:  Multimedia
Type:  Webcast
Language:  English


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