W32.Cuebot-K worm appears as Microsoft antipiracy program

The fake Windows Genuine Advantage Tool (wgavn.exe) has been named as W32.Cuebot-K worm by Sophos.

Cuebot-K propagates by sending itself as a file named “wgavn.exe” to more people in the user’s “Buddy List” but without a message, Cluley said.

More in http://www.infoworld.com/article/06/06/30/HNwormmsantipiracy_1.html

I just viewed Sophos’ Threat analyses page – by name (letter C) but they don’t have the article for Cuebot-K yet (maybe later).  At the time of this writing, they got articles for Cuebot-A to Cuebot-J only (at least, it has been detected now and let’s hope that all other security vendors that has malware detections for worms will be able to protect the users soon!)

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@All instant messaging users,

Please see:  “Click a link.. get infected?” or read some tips for Safer Instant Messaging! to avoid such infection in using instant messengers.


Update:  Sophos got Cuebot-K article up where it confirmed that the worm W32/Cuebot-K spreads via AOL Instant Messenger. (Thanks to Microsoft MVP Harry Waldron)

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