McAfee reached 200,104 detections

From McAfee Avert Labs Blog:

In some hours, we will make available our latest anti virus definitions for McAfee VirusScan. It will be numbered : DAT-4800.
With this release version the number of threats detected will exceed 200,000 to reach 200,104 detections.

In September 2004 with the DAT-4391 release we reached 100,000 threats detected. We have doubled this figure in less than 2 years !!!

Today our anti-virus not only detect viruses but all kinds of malware :
Trojans : 31%
Bots and Windows 32 viruses : 28%
Scripts and macro viruses : 12%
Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) : 3%
Old DOS, boot-sectors, windows 3 .1 and miscellaneous threats : 26%

Yesterday with the DAT-4799, we detected 199,920 viruses. In 24 hours we will have added 184 new detections. Daily updates for anti-virus protection has never been more necessary.


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