BitDefender Releases Antirootkit Beta

BitDefender has announced the release of BitDefender Rootkit Removal Tool Beta – a software tool which is designed to detect and remove rootkits hiding on Windows systems. Rootkits are a new class of threats: malicious software packages designed to surreptitiously maintain control over target computers, while evading detection. Such “rootkits” are used directly by hackers (malicious individuals) or are used as “building blocks” for sophisticated viruses by virus writers.

“This is a technology demonstrator and testing package, released as a stand-alone tool to our beta testing community, the same dedicated people who are also rooting out bugs from our next generation of desktop software. The technological advances incorporated are rather important so we will prolong the testing period for as long as is needed, to make sure everything works as it should” declared Bogdan Dumitru for BitDefender.–BitDefender-Releases-Antirootkit-Beta.html

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