Dell: No Bloatware, Please

Michelle Pearcy, WW Client Software Manager of Dell blogged yesterday on how Dell respond on “no bloatware” request by Dell customers. 

Of course, I can’t help not to respond:

  • They should not count the number of icons or programs installed to measure the boot time and performance of a system.  What they should do is see which 3rd party program is using huge amount of memory – from there they can decide what to do.  They should note too that XP’s services will run by default if something triggered it to run.  Thinking that the security applications and operating system as the culprit is IMHO funny.  Let the user decide which application they want Dell to install.  Produce that “none” as option instead of insisting an OEM or trial version!

  • I mentioned to them the cool 3rd party program that targets the crapware installed in Dell machine so they know how desperate many of their customer in getting rid of the items that they installed by default.  Why not just provide the CD and let their customer decide whether to install it or not?

  • The most important thing I want Dell to know is they need to provide update on the drivers i.e. graphics driver… if there is a great and latest driver from the vendor.  Why? Simply because out-dated driver has been proven to caused issue with Microsoft’s critical updates.  People want to patch their system but if the drivers is customized to the notebook vendor, users cannot simply download and install the new driver from graphics vendors’ website because it won’t succeed with it’s installation.  The magic file is the “inf file”.  Some clever users go out.  They went to to get the modded inf file and the executable to download the newest driver which has fixes and more control.  Not recommended by the vendors of course but if that will not caused issue with upcoming security patch by Microsoft… which one you’ll choose?

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