SpywareGuide.com Expands to Address Next Wave of Threats Spread Through Greynets

SpywareGuide.com, the popular public reference site for security research sponsored by FaceTime Communications, has expanded its tools, added new research blogs and broadened its reference database. The expanded database provides more in-depth information about spyware, adware and malware spread through the use of greynets including instant messaging (IM), chat rooms, P2P file sharing, web browsing and collaboration software. The site is highly ranked by most major search engines for spyware and adware keyword searches, and receives more than 1.5 million user sessions per month……

The Research Database on SpywareGuide.com, is an extensive resource center with dynamic information on all types of malware in an extensive and continually updated database. The site gives visitors the opportunity to contribute tips and information about malware or phishing attacks for SpywareGuide.com researchers to pursue, and provides recommendations on how to manage or prevent malware incidents.

On the Greynets Blog, FaceTime researchers talk candidly about greynet threats, covering spyware, adware, IM worms, rootkits and the rapidly changing security landscape. Beyond researching individual threats, the Greynets Blog team provides deep insight into the tactics and strategies used by those on both sides of the growing wave of cyber problems. The
Greynets Blog features key FaceTime security experts, including:
    — Chris Boyd, also known as Paperghost, a two-time Microsoft Security MVP
       and leading spyware researcher;
    — Wayne Porter, a highly recognized e-commerce fraud expert and co-founder of ReveNews.com, also recently named a Microsoft Security MVP.

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