OK I did a Freeware Antivirus Detection Tests

AOL is now providing freeware antivirus (with real-time protection), powered by Kaspersky.  There is some concerns on AOL’s End-User License Agreement in which some users decided not to give the said antivirus a try.  AOL will revised the EULA to address the issue. 

I’m happy to know that some ISP are now providing free security tool to their customers and to non-customers.  Example:  Comcast is providing free McAfee to their subscribers.  Let’s hope that AOL will fully address the EULA issue so users will enjoy the protection from malware with the help of Kaspersky Labs. 

There are freeware antivirus programs available – AVG, AntiVir, Avast! and now… Active Virus Shield.  I got curious on how Active Virus Shield will perform so I fire it up in the infected test machine to see how it will perform in detecting the less than 200 infection/risks in the system.  Then I decided to uninstall it and give way to other freeware antivirus – AVG, AntiVir and Avast!

Result of the Detection Tests by Freeware Antivirus is in Calendar of Updates (screenshot provided)


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