Turned off "comments" here in Donna’s SecurityFlash

I was away for 2 weeks (vacation) that's why I failed to blog.  I thought I can start the engine because I'm now "around" but I'm wrong.  I got a phone call from apartment owner that they will be returning the deposit money because they'll be using their apartment this October.  This means I need to move out (after 2 years of renting it).  I started looking for another apartment the other day and I was lucky to have 3 choices.  I signed a new contract yesterday and started to pack things.  In coming days, I need to disconnect and request transfer of phone and internet connections to the new apartment.

Because of the above, I turned off the comments feature here in Donna's SecurityFlash.  I'm busy offline and can't attend on moderating the comments until I'm settled with the new place. 

BTW, I hope everyone are doing well 🙂

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