New place; Microsoft Security Bulletins, CoU Anniv. and etc.

Blogging from a new place to stay…

I finally moved into another apartment last Sunday (Oct. 1, 2006).  The local ISP installed the new ADSL internet line yesterday (Oct. 3).  They also transferred my land line the same day.  I'm still unpacking [:S] but I'm done with kitchen and 1 bedroom stuff.  There are 2 more bedrooms (guest and computer room) to arrange and ugh I think I still have 15 boxes to unpack.  It is tiring to do this packing and unpacking but it's exciting for I get to arrange things again.  I hope I'll be settle soon.. at least before the next security bulletin from Microsoft and before the 3rd year anniversary of Calendar of Updates.

Microsoft Security Bulletins

Microsoft plan to inform us the details of their monthly security bulletins tomorrow (Oct. 5, 2006).  Those information is scheduled to be released on October 10th.  That's the well-known Patch Tuesday.  So if you have time.. please read "What to do before Patch Tuesday?"

Security Advisory from Microsoft

If you are not aware yet, Microsoft's security advisory is about "Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution".  Affected systems are Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003.  Please read the suggested actions by Microsoft to help protect from the said vulnerability.

More on Vulnerabilities…

Since I'm talking about vulnerabilities… you might want to check your favorite security advisory sites.  Example: Secunia, SecurityFocus, Securiteam, Securitytrackers etc.  Two to mention is there is patch available for vulnerable version of Skype (voice/video chat application) and Trend Micro's Officescan Corporate edition.

Calendar of Updates (CoU) anniversary

On October 11th, it is the 3rd year anniversary of Calendar of Updates.  For those who are not aware of the website…it's all about updates and security news that is maintained by volunteers.  We are security-conscious users and we want to be on top of security matters not by weekly or monthly but daily.  Why daily? It's because there are new malware in the wild and we never like those things to have a chance.  By keeping our protection and system up-to-date (patching, updating the definitions etc), we have less chance of being infected.  Anyway, I hope you are we us in Calendar of Updates website on October 11.  Yup, we are giving some software licenses (we always do if there are offers from software authors who also come to site to see updates on security applications or from software developers that understand and support the goal of security-conscious users). 


October is another cycle for Microsoft to give awards! so my big congratulations to those who received the award and to those who got renewed!  Read more about Microsoft MVP here.  Check out also this month's MVP Insider and the MVP update (you'll find the MVP update in one of the section of Microsoft newsletter).


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