Thanks for BIOS Update Dell.. it’s ready for Vista!; BIOS version A04 for XPS M1210 released

I blogged few days ago on how I wish to try Vista as an upgrade from XP (instead of clean-install).  Unfortunately, the A02 and A03 system BIOS of Dell XPS M1210 notebook is not compatible with Vista upgrade.  Today, Dell released a new BIOS for the said notebook! That was fast Dell.  Thank you!

Release Title: BIOS: Dell XPS M1210 System BIOS, Windows XP, English, XPS MXC062, A04
Release Date: 10/23/2006
Criticality: Optional
Description: XPS M1210 BIOS A04

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MXC62A04.EXE 936 KB 2.2 min Non-Packaged

Fixes and Enhancements

1. Updated Support for Microsoft Vista.

2. Updated Support for Intel Processor T5200.

3. Improved High Definition Audio Device performance.

Again, thanks Dell!

Off to update the BIOS from A03 to A04 then I'll backup again before I will run the upgrade to Vista (from XP).  Crozzing fingerz that all will be fine 😉

Update:  Upgrading from XP to Vista is smooth.  It took only an hour & half.  There were few programs that are incompatible such as Norton Internet Security 2007, Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2, Dell Media Experience, Intel PROset/Wireless, MSN Explorer, Netwaiting, Sonic MyDVD Plus, Digital Line Detect, Sun Java Scheduler, Sony Ericsson PC Suite 1.7.10, NVIDIA Control Panel, Nview Desktop Manager, and Sigmatel Audio Control Panel.

Those are the items that Vista says as incompatible but I managed to run some of them by selecting "run the program" after receiving an option. 

Windows Mail (replacement of Outlook Express) imported my OE emails.  No problem with it but it's just ugly to see the tree.  Still, upgrading is cool since I don't lose what I'm working on.  Got them back-up anyway so if I want to go back to XP, that's easy as 1-2-3.  Yup, backup has been verified (it's integrity).

Of course there were few program issues (due to incompatibility) and those were reported via Microsoft Connect. 

Another update:  I'm now back to XP.  I'm done with the upgrading thingy from XP to Vista.  I tried that not only to see how my existing program will work but to see too if my hardware are good to stay.  I'm happy that they are ok with Vista.  Especially the MediaDirect button of Dell XPS M1210.  Upgrading to Vista will of course break the Dell MBR (master boot record) and this affected the MediaDirect button functionality.  I thought it's a big deal but nah, I was wrong.  Dell make things easy for Dell users.  That is true in my case since all partitions created by Dell are still intact (part1 – dell diag tool, part2 system, part3 storage space, part4 pc restore).  After upgrading from XP to Vista that night, I let the notebook boot to the 'dell drivers & utilities' cd which contains the 'repair utility of mediadirect'.  I follow the instruction of Dell to press Q after booting to the optical drive's media then enter cd /MD2 followed by entering the magic word Repair.  It did it in just seconds.  I turned off the notebook that has Vista and there the MediaDirect button work again.  So what did the repair utility for MediaDirect did? It only repaired the Dell MBR.  That's it.  Because the PC Restore and MediaDirect in Dell notebooks depends on the Dell MBR.  If that mbr by Dell is broken, PC Restore and MediaDirect will not work. 

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