Hard to work if there’s only one

I enjoy beta-testing a lot but it's kind of hard to work and to beta-test if I only have one machine.  My 2 desktops were dead.  They died when I moved house.  The 'movers' accidentally dropped BOTH desktops.  All are in pieces.  My external drive is working though so that helps in storing anything I can't afford to lose this time and until I get a new desktop.  I'm planning to get from Dell again.  I was very disappointed with Dell Inspiron 630m and Inspiron 9400 (hardware issue out-of-the-box).  I thought I will never order from Dell again.  I am happy that the Dell XPS M1210's hardware didn't have problem from out of the box.  Anyway, I'm thinking to get either Dell Dimension E520 or 9200.  I like the look of Dimension C521 because it is slim but it has AMD.  I prefer Intel processors. 


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