Vista got me!

I have something to reveal… I can’t blog much or visit forums (I vist my baby CoU though but I’m not also posting much) because something … got me busy online (not offline).  It’s Vista Ultimate.

Blame Vista because I’m spending so much time using it! There are many things about Vista that really makes me busy.  It has the application that I need and want.  To be honest, I haven’t install much stuff in Vista like I used in Windows XP.  Reason is not because of compatibility issue but because most of the stuff I need in my daily computing is in Vista already.  I’m not exaggerating folks! I’m exploring Vista a lot especially by using it as Standard User which is really cool because I dont have to log-off to sign-in much as admin just to make a small change in Windows.

Gadgets, Windows Switcher, Sidebar, Slideshow, Backup (whole drive or system backup BTW! not just a personal data backup), encryption, performance tools and many more. 

I promised though to actively posting/blogging here and there again this week.  I’ll be blogging 2 or 3 entries today though [;)]

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