Bootable spyware scanner debuts

PC Tools is offering a new solution to fight spyware – a bootable spyware scanner that scans your computer for spyware while Windows ‘naps’. The Alternate Operating System Scan scrapes out malicious programs through all the files on the sleeping operating system unobscured by any other applications or malware.

What is PC Tools’ Alternate Operating System Scanner (AOSS)?

Once a system is infected with malware it becomes difficult to remove that malware as it is already embedded in the system and has control over many components which are key to the system’s operations. Malware, like rootkits, use system components to hide themselves and prevent other software from detecting or removing them. This is often the case of who gets there first; if the malware is able to get control of the system earlier on then it also has control over any software that may be run later. Besides just hiding, malware can also block the execution of other security applications. If you cannot install or run a security application in the first place then you cannot scan and detect the malware. The best time to remove this malware is when it is not running, but malware often starts with the Operating System, so we would have to stop the Operating System to stop the malware. On a shutdown OS nothing is running and malware like rootkits cannot hide themselves and so it would be easy to find and remove them.

Alternate Operating System Scan is a Live CD for scanning a Windows system without having to be running Windows.

With the advancement of malware technology in recent years, and the ability of malware to hide within a running Windows system, it was determined that a solution would be required such that a Windows system could be scanned (and cleaned) without the need for the Windows operating system to be running.

The Alternate Operating System Scan is an attempt to be the solution to the above problem. It is a live CD that will detect, scan, and clean malware files and associated Windows registry keys from an infected Windows system.

The Alternate Operating System Scan is designed to be a last resort, used to get Windows back into a state in which Spyware Doctor for Windows can do its job. Therefore, it only scans files and registry keys that are defined in the refdb database. It does not remove directories.

Note:  If a valid license is not found, you may still clean your system once with AOSS.

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