Gartner’s 2007 Crystal Ball: Windows Declines, Malware Attacks, and Other Predictions

What does Gartner see in its crystal ball? Some of the report’s findings are summarizes below.

  • Market Share for IT Outsourcers Will Decline Through 2009

  • By Year’s End 2007, 75 Percent of Enterprises Will be Infected with Malware

  • Vista Will be the Last Major Release of Microsoft Windows

  • Average Total Cost of Ownership for New PCs Will Drop 50 Percent by 2010

  • By 2010, 60 Percent of Worldwide Mobile Phone Users Will be Trackable

  • By 2008, Almost 50 Percent of Data Centers Will Lack Necessary Power and Cooling Capacity

  • Other Predictions

    • Through 2011, enterprises will waste $100 billion buying the wrong networking technologies and services.

    • Only one Asia/Pacific-based service provider will make the global top 20 through 2010.

    • Blogging and community contributors will peak in the first half of 2007.

    • By 2009, corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be a higher board- and executive-level priority than regulatory compliance.

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