SMobile Releases Anti-Virus Security Software for BlackBerry Pearl

SMobile Systems, today released the latest version of its mobile anti-virus solution for BlackBerry, featuring support for the new BlackBerry Pearl, as well as all previous versions of BlackBerry. SMobile’s VirusGuard for BlackBerry is currently the only anti- virus solution for BlackBerry available on the market.
A major BlackBerry security vulnerability was revealed earlier this year at a hacker convention in Las Vegas, demonstrating the growing concern over mobile viruses and proprietary data protection. According to research from the SMobile Threat Center, the mobile threat has seen a twenty-fold increase in recent years, from just 8 viruses detected in 2003 to more than 162 found in 2006 alone – resulting in a total of nearly 400 mobile viruses on the market to date. Juniper Research recently noted that anti-virus, anti-spam, anti- spyware, and content filtering will make up 40 percent of what is expected to be a $5 billion market by 2011.


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