Windows Vista and protection from malware – the facts

Jim Allchin of Microsoft & the Vista team checked the technical facts behind the reported Windows Vista’s vulnerability to malware threats by Sophos.  They confirmed that Windows Vista is not vulnerable to eight of the ten malware threats.  However, other malwares can run in Vista due to file format in use which is .ZIP in which some 3rd party email client does not block .zip file and this can only caused infection IF the user extracted and execute the infected file.  Note that Windows Mail in Vista and Microsoft Outlook will block running executables even if it’s in a .zip file.


I’m right when I said Vista’s email client can help protect users from malware infection and of course, we don’t depend on email client only or operating system to protect us.  We need to learn to not to execute anything that were not scanned yet by an updated antivirus, antispyware tools.



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