Dec. 27th at 3:45AM, my internet connection dropped.  I turned on/off the wifi catcher but still no luck in getting an internet connection.  Wifi manager also show I’m connected locally (to my router and networked computer).  I thought there is a problem with the wifi manager in Vista or maybe my modem or router.  I unplug everything but still no luck.

I gave up after 1 hour of troubleshooting [:D] and Iet the wifi manager, modem and router as on.  Then suddenly I have internet connection again.  Hhmm what’s that? I mean, what happened.  I was guessing that it is maybe a problem with the local ISP.  I went to the ISP website but no report on service interruption.  I tried visiting my forums at but nothing is loading.  I visit Microsoft website but no luck too. 

 I decided to try local sites (Asia sites) and I got no problem in browsing Asia’s websites.  Then I noticed the news about it at Malaysia’s news online The Star.  Taiwan was hit by an earthquake and it is the caused of damaged cables that many neighbouring countries are using to provide internet services.  After some hours, the local ISP here has the information about it.  They are aware of the issue and they are hoping to provide back links for us to use to see outside Asia sites. 

I keep trying and today, it seems OK now.  Sorry for those affected of the earthquake.  It’s sad that this stuff happens especially during holidays where family and friends want to be together to the holidays.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and to those who lost love ones.


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