ID Vault – a hardware security for online transactions. Vista will be supported.

My fellow admin Hardhead (blog: at Calendar of Updates received a Christmas present from his mom.  It’s ID Vault by GuardID ( 

He shared some thoughts and screenshots on how ID Vault works.  You can see it at

I think ID Vault is cool.  I am using Microsoft Fingerprint Reader as my password keeper.  Then I’m using Norton Internet Security to guard private stuff that I want it protect.  Next, I have to make sure that the bank website or financial institution site that I’m viewing is not fraud, I have to check this and that (protocol https, secure lock icon, security certificate etc) and making sure that the anti-phishing toolbar or filter is not flagging it as fake site.  ID Vault seems offering not just a cool hardware tool, a good way to keep our imporant data (password, login info) in one place but also, PIN it.  Just like ATM machine where our money is in the bank.  We have the ATM card but we can only make transaction in the ATM machine with that card if you have the PIN number.  Another cool thing about it, is ID Vault can be used in any computers that you want to use as long as the software to run ID Vault is installed.

Read more what Hardhead has shared on the above hardware security – ID Vault.  Again, it is in

I want one of that.  It’s interesting and IMHO cool.

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