Re-awarded as Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional     I received an email on Dec. 28th from the regional MVP Lead informing me that I’ve been re-awarded as Microsoft MVP again (January – December 2007).  It’s my 4th consecutive year award with Microsoft MVP Program.  I’m actually surprised to receive the early re-award notification because it is not the usual date to know the status but I’m *guessing* that the reason behind the early notification on the award status is the coming soon event for Microsoft MVPs called MVP Global Summit (March 12 – 15, 2007) in which Mr. Bill Gates will deliver the keynote.  The early notification will allow MVPs to prepare for the summit… I *guess*.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy for I’m re-awarded as Windows Security MVP.

Thanks to fellow MVPs, to the MVP Lead Cathy Lee (also to my former MVP Leads Melissa Travers, Jerry Bryant, Emily Freet), to the MVP Program management team for the support and benefit and to the whole team at Microsoft that makes MVPs experience with the program an exciting one.  Thanks also to the Product Groups at Microsoft for listening to the feedbacks that we are sending to them.  Thanks to MSDN Team for the susbcription.  Thanks to Ms. Susan Bradley for this blog page at her Thank you also to Calendar of Updates team and friends for the continous support in keeping users informed on security for PC and Internet.  Last but not the least, thanks to friends and team-mates at Gladiator Security Forums, CNET forums, Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals and its members and to software authors for great work in helping users and full support that I received on many incidents.  There are many more security forums to mention! but I better stop as it is going to be a long one ROFL.  We are all friends because we have same goal and that is to have a safe and enjoyable computing.


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