ZonedOut has Favorite Helper!

I was looking for a utility that will allow me to send a URL to “Trusted” or “Restricted” zones in Internet Explorer. At times, I’m viewing a site that I want to add in “Restricted” zone or a site that I want to add in “Trusted” zone (if required to be in trusted zone of IE).

I can’t find such utility so I send an email to friend Todd (aka Toadbee at and requested to him to create a utility or add such option to ZonedOut.  As usual, Todd is quite helpful and a great programmer! He said “yes, that’s possible to add to ZonedOut!”

And so he released ZonedOut v3.5.  It is Vista-compatible and he added “Favorites Helper” in this new version of ZonedOut

How to use Favorites Helper feature in ZonedOut? Simple.  Add any website in the favorites of IE.  Use ZoneOut to open any Internet Zones (Trusted or Restricted) then click “Menu”.  Select “Favorites Helper”.  Click Remove or Add a Favorite and you should see your IE’s favorite.  Choose which website you want to be added in Restricted or Trusted.  That’s easy and neat feature in ZonedOut to send a bad site to Restricted Zone!

BTW, ZonedOut was mentioned in PCWorld!,129785-page,2-c,spyware/article.html Steve Bass wrote: . If you are feeling especially geeky, use ZonedOut to add IE-SPYAD‘s list of dangerous and annoying sites to IE’s Restricted Sites.

Thank you Todd for making ZonedOut as Vista-compatible and for allowing my “wish” come true again! You’re a top-noch!


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