Sun Java’s Control Panel is not Vista compatible yet; Good thing there’s work-around

I had this problem with Sun Java in Vista system where:

  1. Disabling Java Update Scheduler won’t work.  I mean, unchecking it from Java’s control panel will not make the jusched.exe go away as one of the startup items.   I know I can use MSCONFIG or any 3rd party software that handles startup items BUT that’s not the point 🙂
  2. Stopping Java icon in systray just don’t work too.  I unchecked that thing in Advanced tab>Miscellaneous but each time I visit a site that requires it.. will still show the Java icon in my systray.

Sun needs to make their Java Control Panel Vista/UAC compatible. 

Anyway, I have a work-around and the above issues is not a problem anymore BUT I have to REMEMBER to do the below work-around each time I will re-install or clean-install or update Sun’s Java.

Work-around for users who are experiencing the above 2 issues:

Go to C:Program FilesJavajre1.6.0_02bin then right-click to run as administrator the javacpl.exe. That executable is the Control Panel of Java. 

Next, disable the updater from it’s Update tab and then uncheck the “place java icon in systray” via Advanced tab>miscellaneous.  Click OK to apply the changes and to close the Java Control Panel.

Jusched.exe should be gone from your startup items and then, the java tray icon should not appear anymore in the systray.

Just remember to do the above again the next time you will reinstall or clean-install Java or if you will deploy it in Vista systems.  Let’s hope Sun will fix it or make their Java Control Panel… Vista compatible.

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