Back; Microsoft updates Windows without users’ consent? Is that new?

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Sorry for no blog postings.  Just arrived from vacation.  I enjoyed it alot. It’s something that I’m sure many of us need to do.  Take a break and spend time with love ones [Y].  Some of us are many miles away from our love ones so when you get the chance to see them.. it’s like [ip]

As soon as I arrived in a home where I currently live :-D, I fire up Windows Update and there is NO security update for Windows Vista during September.  That’s not good because we know that there is still one (1) security issue reported for Windows Vista that we are hoping MS is looking at and offer fix (once they confirmed it is an issue): is the info at Secunia.  1 out of 13 security report for Vista over at Secunia. It has  CVE-2007-0843 reference already located at  Note that as per the report, XP SP2 and Server 2003 is also affected.

Let’s hope we’ll see any response by MS on the above (whether they’ve investigated it and what’s the status).

BTW, over at Calendar of Updates forum… there is a discussion whether Microsoft is updating the Windows Software update silently or stealthily.  The discussion is at

I think it is NOT new at all or shall I say, it is not the first time this incident has happened because I’ve seen it last June (this year).  My WU settings is check for updates but do not install automatically.

I think MS mean no harm since it only want to update its software updater but they should change a bit by offering it like any other updates they have.

Example:  Lavasoft’s Ad-ware 2007 or Norton products by Symantec, etc.  When there’s an update to their “software updater”, the customers are informed thru “dialogue” box or thru the website that there is an update to their software updater no matter what setting it is (manual or auto).  This will allow users to NOT suspect Microsoft or any other software vendors of changing things without user’s knowledge.


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