Spammer’s trick: Redirection. Can’t Google, Yahoo and AOL kill the false one?

This is not new since this is ‘common’ issue with redirection and being use by spammer but geez, can’t this company do something to stop the redirection to succeed?

Same SPAM emails received today:

spamredirection spamredirection2

That’s AOL, Yahoo and Google.  Guys, you should do something to kill this “False redirection” and it will sure help in killing one method of spammers is using.

I know we can disable the automatic redirection in the browser but that will kill the features that many are using.  Example:

1.  Search function in the browser

2. Downloading a file that is redirected by good site will not be serve automatically unless a user will click the link to proceed with the download

3. Viewing a page that is redirected by good site e.g., if you will click on any bulletin title and if the redirection is disable, you won’t see the unless you will click again to proceed to the bulletin. That’s because Microsoft also use redirection:

4. Using any services that take advantage of redirection e.g. shorturl services, forum software with redirection feature etc.

The advise to delete spam emails from the server and/or view the email in plain text are of course the first thins to remember but we KNOW that many DO NOT do that.  That’s why there are many victims of phishing and pharming, scam etc.  If the developers at Google, AOL and Yahoo and other search engines will kill the “false redirection” then many’s butt will be save .. that’s for sure!

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