Malicious IFRAMEs hosted on e-zines: a Media Possibility

A handful of online magazines (e-zines) owned by Possiblity Media, some of which are related to IT, are hosting malicious IFRAMEs. Security Researcher Dancho Danchev shared this discovery with the rest of the security community. Some of the e-zines that are hosting malicious IFRAMEs are: – Web Week Magazine – IT Week Magazine – Technology Week Magazine – The Internet Standard – Security Standard

Danchev notes that there are a total of 24 e-zines, all of which are owned by Possibility Media, that have malicious IFRAMEs embedded in them. Trend Micro threat analyst Jonell Baltazar checked some of the e-zines’ URLs and was able to obtain different binary files that are detected by Trend Micro products as PAK_GENERIC and POSSIBLE_STRAT-6. Other files are now under analysis.

Even Google (via tags Possibility Media’s Web site as harmful (see screenshot at the link below).

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