Upcoming Thunderbird contains security fixes

Heads-up for Thunderbird users 🙂

Below are the fixes to expect when Mozilla officially release v2.0.0.9 of Thunderbird.  Todate, it’s not yet released and release notes is not available too:

Changes in (so far): (39)

Security issue: (2)
Fixed: 307788 – if Kerberos tickets don’t exist when launching T-Bird, get Krb Ticket Manager to prompt for them
Fixed: 380744 – Thunderbird reports “unable to decrypt” on truncated decryptable messages

Topcrash: (1)
Fixed: 316543 – crash when opening message compose window

Crash: (3)
Fixed: 351783 – Thunderbird crash on sending a return receipt
Fixed: 374240 – Thunderbird crash on exit
Fixed: 382480 – TB Crash [@ nsBidiPresUtils::ProcessText]

Attachment-related: (1)
Fixed: 396377 – vCard sometimes cause heuristic scanners to generate a false positive

Build configuration: (5)
Fixed: 381247 – Speed up mkdepend on Windows + VMWare
Fixed: 385017 – Interoperability with beagle & kerry broken in tb 2.0
Fixed: 385095 – Account Wizard won’t offer to create new RSS accounts
Fixed: 387367 – mozilla-js.pc.in missing -DJS_THREADSAFE
Fixed: 399207 – Add Hebrew to Thunderbird for Windows and Linux

Functionality: (2)
Fixed: 279018 – messages not automatically moved to Junk folder when manually marked as Junk
Fixed: 389920 – Segmentation fault sending mail

Installer: (3)
Fixed: 389244 – Uninstall information of old version not cleared from registry when updating via auto update
Fixed: 390214 – avoid the second UAC prompt for helper.exe on software update by launching it directly from the elevated updater.exe process
Fixed: 393149 – Some registry keys aren’t removed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMozilla

Networking: (1)
Fixed: 391556 – problems handling namespace that starts with hierarchy delimiter

Printing: (1)
Fixed: 275312 – Print engine allows JavaScript execution

UI improvements: (7)
Fixed: 219662 – “OK” button doesn’t activate in “Link Properties” dialog
Fixed: 277905 – IMAP Message UID Greater 2099999999 not displayed
Fixed: 320102 – File – Save As – Template menu item does nothing for an existing message in Local folders
Fixed: 320739 – plain text email containing link with numerical IP should not be marked as scam
Fixed: 351692 – Need to see Account Names in the Move To / Copy To Recent Folder menus
Fixed: 381364 – locationFolders menulist icon lacks horizontal margin
Fixed: 386855 – attachment file name stripped of consecutive spaces

XUL Toolkit: (1)
Fixed: 386874 – add a python emulation for nsinstall for –disable-compile-environment

Miscellaneous fixes: (4)
Fixed: 133016 – Freetext url recognition stops at “)” and “‘” (apostrophe)
Fixed: 256510 – Return receipts don’t use Multiple identities
Fixed: 388105 – RDFResource and RDFServiceImpl leak on startup test
Fixed: 393196 – apply_rfc2047_encoding() erroneously inserts whitespace for addr-spec-only addresses

Mac-specific: (2)
Fixed: 299368 – Hide ‘Print Preview’ menu item in Mac OS X
Fixed: 379705 – Build movemail on Mac, just don’t put it in the new account wizard in Thunderbird

BeOS-specific: (3)
Fixed: 389953 – BeOS should build components with -Bsymbolic
Fixed: 394946 – BeOS Thunderbird builds fail in migration code
Fixed: 397116 – Branch build fails due to missing BeOS libs

OpenBSD-specific: (1)
Fixed: 236599 – openbsd configuration fixes for alpha, amd64, arm, i386, macppc and sparc64

OS/2-specific: (2)
Fixed: 351167 – arrow does not change to finger over URL
Fixed: 390485 – Fix updater build break with GCC 3.3.5

More at http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/rumblingedge/archives/2007/11/tb_2-0-0-9.html

BTW, if you are a Firefox user, you should receive already an update to it via it’s own updater.  They released v2.0.0.9 of Firefox.  It’s stability update.

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