What a 12 days …

No blog entry here for 12 days and sorry for that.  I faced an issue on 5 year old desktop and only today I figured what to do or shall I say… work-around.

First issue:  Vista and the 5 year old desktop is sick of BSOD on nvlddmkm.sys.  Problem Reports and Solutions in Vista is flooded with LiveKernel Event log.  Like many NVIDIA users who is experiencing the said TDR error (see their forum on Forceware driver), I have tried installing the latest stable and even their beta driver on Vista.

Result:  No joy.  The desktop is unusable most of the time because of BSODs.

Note that all important and related hotfix that Microsoft released as per NVIDIA page here are installed.  Strange that the Dell XPS M1210 laptop which also has NVIDIA graphics card and Vista as OS is not experiencing the BSOD on nvlddmkm.sys

I decided to fresh install XP in the old desktop but “ugh” there’s the BSOD on nvlddmkm.sys again. 

Since XP is also having the issue, I restore back to Vista using True Image v11 by Acronis.  The desktop continue to suffer BSOD on nvlddmkm.sys.  There are times.. I can use the system for 10 to 30 minutes but most of the time, it will crash as soon as I login into my Vista user account.

Last night, I decided to give another try. I removed the graphics driver by NVIDIA and just allow the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) by Microsoft for Windows Vista (more info on WDDM here and here).  To my surprise, there is no BSOD since last night! 

I’m keeping the WDDM and will stay away from NVIDIA forceware driver.

BTW, I learn that users of ATI graphics driver is seeing the said issue also. 

Second issue:  Vista on both Dell XPS M1210 laptop and the 5 year old desktop are experiencing “Symantec Service Framework” crashes.

The thread at DSLReports.com about the above has more information.  I posted too in the said thread on what I did as work-around and I’m glad it help a user.  It’s been 6 hours now and so far… all is good. No crash on BBIF.dll on both machine (laptop and desktop)

I’m crossing my fingers… hopefully this 2 issues will not happen again.  It’s just tiring to attend on this especially if the “fixes” provided by the vendor is not helping.  All I want is go on with the daily online activities with beta-testing, forums and here… blog.

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