Offline for 3 days; SiteAdvisor bug?; Happy New Year to All!

There’ll be no entry for 3 days.  I’ll be away for a New Year’s celebration.  Off to Hong Kong (that’s the plan since last week) in 2 more hours.

A HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL of you! If you are a Calendar of Updates visitor or member… here’s another New Year Message 🙂 — Don’t worry… there’s no storm worm in my link 😉

BTW, There’s new version of McAfee SiteAdvisor.  Not sure the exact date it was released but the new version was released to fix a bug.  See calendar of updates entries here and here.

What happened:

Install SA for FF.  Install SA for IE.

Uninstall SA for IE only. Keep SA for FF.

Reboot the system.

The bug?  SiteAdvisor for Firefox has been removed even I did not remove it.  I kept it but the removal of SA for IE also removed the SA for FF.

So folks, if you removed SA for IE and noticed the SA for FF is gone… get it again at

If it’s not a bug then it means the uninstaller of SiteAdvisor will now REMOVE the program for whatever browser it is installed. 

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